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CASINO NAVI introduces only the most reliable casinos, carefully selected by professionals who have been involved in the industry for more than 10 years.
We evaluate each casino based on our own criteria and publish them in a ranking format!

Online Casino Rankings

Ranking 1stVera&John

Vera&John:The industry leader,Number One inpopularity

Features of Vera&John

  • An online casino that boasts overwhelming popularity among players!
  • Many exclusive slots and early releases are available only at Vera&John!
  • A rewarding loyalty program

Ranking 2ndMystino

Mystino:Bonus without wagering Requirements

Features of Mystino

  • No wagering requirements for free spins.
  • With 'Surprise Cashback,' a portion of your bet amount is accumulated and returned to you!

Ranking 3rdCasino Secret

Casino Secret:Industry's first-ever 'Cashback' without wagering reQuirements

Features of Casino Secret

  • A cashback system where you get money back even if you lose!
  • No wagering requirements for cashback bonuses.
  • Exclusive live casino at Casino Secret, where you can enjoy VIP games.
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Casino Games

Introduces the features and rules of each casino game! The games range from those recommended for beginners to those for experts.

  • Baccarat
    It is a simple game of guessing who wins, the "player" or the "banker".
  • Blackjack
    The total of the cards dealt is 21 or less, and the one closest to 21 wins.
  • Roulette
    Guess which color and number in the wheel the ball will fall on.
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Casino Strategy

Explanation of the use and characteristics of strategies that increase the winning rate in casino games.

  • Martingale Strategy
    Martingale Strategy
    When you lose, you simply double your bets; one win will recoup your previous losses.
  • Parlay Strategy
    Parlay Strategy
    A strategy that doubles your bet when you win. Easy to make a profit even in a short time.
  • Cocomo Strategy
    Cocomo Strategy
    This strategy can be used in games with a 3x payout; one win is all it takes to recoup your losses.
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