List of Casino Games: Popular Games and Gambling Guide

List of Casino Game Types Even a beginner can understand! Rules and Strategy Tips

Many types of games can be played in online casinos.
It is easy to choose the type of game you are somewhat familiar with, but if you want to enjoy online casinos more, it is good to know the various types of casino games.

Here we will explain the features, rules, and strategy tips of casino games that can be played at online casinos.
Whether you know little about casino games or are tired of playing the same games, we encourage you to try different types of games!

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We introduce various types of casino games, from familiar table games such as blackjack to popular casino games at land casinos such as Sic Bo and Craps. Detailed rules and strategy points for each game are also explained, so you can encounter fascinating games you have never played before. Each game can be played at land casinos as well as online casinos.


4 popular games


Known as the "King of Casinos," Baccarat is the most popular game in casinos.
It is a simple game of guessing who wins, the player or the banker, but it is also a favorite game of high rollers because of its fast game progression.

Rule Difficulty Game length
Easy Short
Payout Country of origin
0.95 to 8 times France

Baccarat is a game of money management combined with Big Road and strategies

Baccarat is a game where you have about a 50% chance of winning, and it is a game that goes well with strategy and Big Road that predict the next outcome.
Since winning or losing depends largely on luck, it is important to check statistics such as "What is the probability that the same team will win in consecutive games?" and other statistics can be checked to increase the winning rate.
However, even if you predict the outcome, you may still lose, so it is better to manage your money using the martingale method or other methods that allow you to recover from losses.

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Blackjack is a game in which several cards are dealt and the player plays against the dealer with the rule that the closer the total is to "21", the stronger the hand.
The game is played with a strategy called "card counting," and is a fun game to play with a strategy based on the flow of the game.

Rule difficulty Game length
Normal Short
Payout Country of origin
1 to 1.5 times United States

Select your action by taking advantage of card appearance rates and strategy

One of the characteristics of blackjack is that many cards count as "tens" and have a high occurrence rate.
To get close to 21 without bursting, it is important to keep in mind the card appearance rate of each numbered card.
If you are not good at choosing actions, you can refer to the "Basic Strategy," which allows you to choose actions by looking at a chart table.
Since there are many types of blackjack, you can also look for a game with rules that you prefer, such as those that allow surrender.

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Roulette, a game in which the dealer spins a wheel and bets on where the ball will fall, is an old favorite in the casino world.
There are three types of roulette: European Roulette / American Roulette / French Roulette.

Rule difficulty Game length
Normal Short
Payout Country of origin
1 to 35 times France

If you want to play, European Roulette with spinning feature

Roulette supports a variety of betting methods and strategies and is suitable for both low and high payouts.
Normal betting methods can yield payouts of 2 to 36 times the payout, and multiple bets can be made for even higher payouts.
More and more machines are equipped with empty spinning and hot numbers, making verifying and predicting the next pips easy.
European Roulette and French Roulette, which have fewer zero numbers, are also recommended when playing.

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Slots are the easiest games to play in online casinos, where you can earn a payout by spinning the reels and getting a specific pattern.
Slots are usually played with a bonus game called "free spins," and some slots offer character-based effects.

Rule difficulty Game length
Easy Short
Payout Country of origin
0.1 to 300,000 times United States

Select a slot machine with the payout trend and features you prefer.

There are various types of slots, including machines that win big and machines that win only small but can limit losses to a small amount.
When choosing a slot machine, it is best to choose one with a balance between winnings and losses, payout trends such as jackpots and free spins, and features such as the ability to purchase free spins.

Cards Casino Games

Texas Hold'em PokerPopularity:

Texas Holdem Poker is a game in which players make hands with common cards called "community cards," and can be played by 2 to 10 players.
It is one of the most popular of all poker games and is so popular that world tournaments are held.

Rule difficulty Game length
Normal Long
Payout Country of origin
1x United States

Use pre-flop hand ranges and other methods to learn the hands and types of roles.

The strategy of Texas Hold'em differs slightly depending on whether you are playing against the dealer or among players.
When playing against players, you can enjoy psychological games such as watching the action and facial expressions, inviting folds and bluffing, and so on, which is suitable for those who enjoy playing games.
Basically, the first step in strategy is to learn the types of hands and roles, and if you are unfamiliar with the game, you should practice diligently at online casino poker using a chart table called "Pre-flop Hand Range.

Pai Gow PokerPopularity:

Pai Gow Poker is a game in which the seven cards are divided into five-card and two-card pairs and played against the dealer.
The player with the strongest hand in both the 5-card and 2-card hand wins the game, while the game is a tie if one of the players loses.

Rule difficulty Game length
Normal Short
Payout Country of origin
1 to 180 times China

Make the hand so that the low hand is stronger.

Pai Gow Poker requires players to make a hand with the first seven cards they are dealt, as there is no additional card rule.
However, there are no rule restrictions other than making the high hand stronger, so players can make high and low hands at their discretion.
If a player has a bad hand, it is important to make decisions such as strengthening the low hand to get a draw.

Casino WarPopularity:

Casino War is a new card game created in the U.S. in the late 1990's. It is a simple and fast game in which only one card is drawn and the dealer and player compete.
Since there are no difficult rules and the game is played by luck rather than strategy, it is preferred by casino beginners and those who want to play by gambling luck.

Rule difficulty Game length
Easy Short
Payout Country of origin
1 to 10 times United States

Select actions with high house edge while using the strategy

Since Casino War is a simple game where players compete for the highest and lowest numbers on a single card, it is effective to manage your money using strategy.
Basically, it is a good idea to bet only on "Ante" and manage your earnings while selecting "War" again in case of a tie.
However, depending on the "Surrender" amount setting, it may be better to exit the game, so make sure to check the rules of the casino war you are playing first.

Dragon TigerPopularity:

Dragon Tiger is a game in which players bet on whether the fictional player "Dragon" or "Tiger" will win. The game is similar to Baccarat, but the winner is decided when the first cards are dealt, making for a simpler and faster game.

Rule difficulty Game length
Easy Short
Payout Country of origin
2 to 51 times Cambodia

Utilize strategies and Big Road while using side bets

Dragon Tiger is considered a simplified version of baccarat, and basically allows players to use the same strategies, such as Big Road and strategies, as in baccarat.
In addition to betting on "Dragon" and "Tiger," the game also supports various side bets.
Is the card on the table red or black? and you will receive a prize if you win regardless of whether you win or lose on Dragon Tiger.

Red DogPopularity:

Red Dog is a table game using playing cards in which you play one-on-one against the dealer. The rules are simple: you win if the third number among the three cards dealt by the dealer falls between the first and second cards.

Rule difficulty Game length
Easy Short
Payout Country of origin
2 to 12 times United States

Aggressively choose to double your bet if the spread is large

The payout in Red Dog depends on the spread between the numbers on the first and second cards.
The larger the spread and the more cards that come in between, the more advantageous it is to the player, so use actions such as doubling bets to increase the payout.
Probability shows that when the spread is 7 or more, the winning rate is 50% or more, so choosing to double your bet is recommended.

Dice Casino Games

Sic Bo (Large and Small)Popularity:

Sic Bo (large and small, tie dice) is a game of guessing the number of dice that will appear when three dice are rolled at the same time.
It is a very simple game, but with a payout of up to 180 times, the game can be a lot of fun depending on how you bet.

Rule difficulty Game length
Easy Short
Payout Country of origin
1 to 180 times China

A wide range of bets from 2x payouts to as high as 180x, where strategies can be used

Sic Bo offers a wide variety of betting methods, allowing you to receive payouts from 2x to 180x.
The "large/small" and "odd/even" bets have a 50% win rate, so you can also use the winners' method and other strategies that can be used with 2x payouts.
Other strategies include betting on the total number of three dice or the number of the occurrence pips, so betting small amounts on higher-paying bets is another strategy.


Craps is a very simple game in which you throw two dice and guess the sum of the eyes that come up.
However, because the betting method is a little complicated, beginners may hesitate a little, but if you keep the points in mind, you will gradually get used to it.

Rule difficulty Game length
Easy Short
Payout Country of origin
1 to 30 times United States

When playing at a land casino, bet on the shooter to win.

Craps is a simple game in which players bet on the pips of two dice, but it should be noted that the gameplay differs between land casinos and online casinos.
In online casinos, the player simply predicts the pips, while in land casinos, the shooter is left to the player, so the game tends to have a player vs. casino feel to it.
Be careful not to bet on the shooter's losing hand, as it is frowned upon by the players around you.

Macau DicePopularity:

Macau Dice is a game that uses almost the same rules as Sic Bo (large and small) to guess the number of dice that appear when three dice are rolled at the same time.
The main difference between Macau Dice and Sic Bo is that the dice are not numbered, but instead are made up of fish, shrimp, or crab (Hoo Hey How).

Rule difficulty Game length
Normal Short
Payout Country of origin
1 to 180 times China

Macau Dice also supports wagering by predicting the color of the pattern

Macau Dice has almost the same rules as Sic Bo, allowing players to aim for payouts of 2 to 181 times.
The difference between Macau Dice and Sic Bo is that the dice pattern is drawn in red, blue, and green, so players can bet on the color of the pattern.
Note that some models may not support betting on the total number of the pips, as betting on the picture is the main way to bet, so be careful if you want to bet on the numbers.

Other Casino Games

Money WheelPopularity:

Money Wheel is a very simple casino game in which players spin a large circular panel with numbers and other information on it and bet on where it will stop.
It is a format used at events and amusement parks, so it is one of the most familiar of the many casino games.

Rule difficulty Game length
Easy Short
Payout Country of origin
1 to 43 times Greece

Multiple bets on low-paying squares and bonus squares are recommended.

Money Wheel is a casino game with a high deduction rate, which is relatively unfavorable to players.
However, the game tends to have a strong game show element, and many models tend to pay larger dividends when they are won.
Money Wheel often offers bonus and chance squares, so we recommend betting small amounts on the spots that offer high payouts while placing multiple bets on the squares that pay 2 to 3 times the payout.


Keno is a casino game similar to a bingo game; there are 80 numbers and 20 of them are chosen at random.
The game is simple: you guess which numbers will be chosen, and if you guess 2 to 10 numbers, you win.

Rule difficulty Game length
Normal Long
Payout Country of origin
0.5 to 10,000 times China

Check the difference in payouts depending on the number of bets and the number of wins

The number of numbers you can bet on and the balance of the payout you receive vary from game to game in Keno.
When playing Keno, check the rules first, including the number of numbers you can bet on and the balance of the payout.
In addition, online casino Keno may have numbers called lucky numbers. If you want to earn money on Keno, you can also use lucky numbers.