Rules of Baccarat: Basic Game Guide

Beginner-friendly Baccarat Strategy Guide The basic rules and types of betting!

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Baccarat is one of the most popular casino games because of its simple rules and fast progression of a single game.
The basic principle of the game is to predict who will win, the "banker" or the "player," and since there is about a 50% chance of winning, baccarat is easy to play even for beginners.
The large betting limits also make it a strong favorite among "high rollers" who wager large sums of money.

In this article, we will explain the flow of the game of baccarat, how to count cards and the different types of betting methods in an easy-to-understand manner for beginners.
If you are interested in playing baccarat from now on, please check the basic rules in this article first.

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Baccarat is a simple game in which once you have selected your betting target, the game automatically determines the winner. Although it is a game with a strong element of luck, many strategies go hand in hand with it, and if you grasp the game's characteristics, you may be able to increase your winning percentage! Let's start with the basic rules, such as how to count playing cards.

What you will learn from this article
  • In baccarat, the basic rule is to bet on either "banker win" or "player win".
  • Cards A through 10 are counted as numbers, and face cards are counted as "10".
  • There are various ways to bet such as "Tie", "Pair", and "Big and Small".

1.Basic Rules of Baccarat

The one whose last digit of the total is closer to 9 wins!

In baccarat, the basis of the game is to predict whether the "banker" or the "player" will win.
The "player" in baccarat is not yourself. As in blackjack, you bet on the banker, player, or tie (draw) as a third party, rather than against the dealer and yourself.

When the game begins, two cards are dealt to each of the banker and player, and "the one whose last digit of the card total is closer to 9" wins. If the banker and player have the same total value, there is a tie (draw).
If the result of the win or loss matches the prediction, the player wins the payout, and if the prediction is wrong, the bet amount is forfeited.

Depending on the conditions, another card may be dealt, and the winner may be determined by the total of up to three cards; no fourth card is ever dealt.
For more information, see "Third Card Rules in Baccarat: When to draw a card" for more information.

2.Online baccarat game flow

When playing baccarat at an online casino, the game proceeds as follows

  1. Select your bet amount
    When the game starts, first select the amount you wish to bet. In most cases, the minimum bet or $1.00 is the default setting, so change it to your desired bet amount.
  2. Select your betting target and place your wager.
    Place your wager based on your prediction of the outcome of the game. The basic rule is to bet on either "Banker Win" or "Player Win".
  3. Press the Deal button
    When the deal button is pressed, cards are automatically dealt to the banker's side and the player's side.
  4. Winning or losing is determined
    Depending on the contents of the cards, the game is won or lost. If you win, you win the payout; if you lose, you forfeit your bet.

Once you have chosen your bet amount and placed your wager, the game proceeds automatically! You will know immediately if you win or lose, so you can play quickly and smoothly!

3.How to Count Cards in Baccarat

Count as number (A is 1) The face cards are worth 10

Baccarat cards are counted as follows

  • A to 10: Count as the number (A is 1)
  • J, Q, and K: Counted as "10"

Once you get used to it, you can consider all cards that count as "10" as "0".
Keep in mind that counting is different from other games such as blackjack.

2+3=5 8+10=18 1+5=6 10+2=12 10+10=20 9+10=19

As shown in the diagram above, various calculation patterns are possible, but once you learn how to count, you will be able to do it easily by heart.

4.Baccarat Wagering and Payouts

Pair Tie(draw) Banker player

In addition to "banker," "player," and "tie," some baccarat games have side bets, for example "pair".

Let's take a look at the basic betting rules, types of side bets, and payouts.

List of Basic Betting Methods, Winning Percentages, and Payouts

The following is a list of basic baccarat betting rules, win rates, and payouts.

Betting Winning Percentage Payout
Player 44.62% 2 times
Banker 45.86% 1.95 times
Ties (Draws) 9.52% 9 times

In general, a 5% commission is deducted from a winning bet on the banker in baccarat, and the payout is 1.95 times the banker's payout.

The payout is 1.95 times the player's win. Although the banker's win rate is slightly higher than the player's, it is difficult to say that the banker has an advantage when the commission is taken into account.

“No-commission baccarat” where no fees are deducted
No-commission baccarat

Some baccarat games are "No Commission Baccarat" , in which no commission is charged for winning bets on the banker. If commission is a concern, choose no commision games.
However, Keep in mind that there are cases where the payout will be less.

List of Side Bet Types and Dividends

The following is a list of the most commonly used side bet types and payouts in baccarat.

Types of side bets Winning conditions Dividends
Player Pairs The first two cards dealt to the player are the same number 12 times
Banker Pair The first two cards dealt to the banker are the same number 12 times
Eazy Pair The first two cards dealt to the player or the banker are the same number 6 times
Perfect One Pair Same number and suit on the first two cards dealt to the player or the banker 26 times
Perfect Two Pairs Same number and suit on both cards dealt to the player and the banker 201 times
Big Total number of cards dealt to the player and the banker is 5 or more 1.54 times
Small When the player and banker are dealt 4 cards in total 2.5 times

In addition to betting on the main "Banker", "Player", or "Tie", you can also place side bets to have a chance to increase your winnings.
There is no limit to betting on only one type of bet, and you can bet on multiple places at the same time.
However, please note that you are not allowed to bet on the banker and the player at the same time, or on the big and the small at the same time.

Payout in case of a tie after betting on anything other than a tie

If you bet on the player or the banker and the game ends in a tie, the payout is zero and all bets are returned (called a "push").

If you bet on a tie and the game ends in a tie with a bet on the banker or the player, you will receive the payout for the tie, and the amount you bet on the banker or the player will be returned.

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The basic rule of baccarat is to predict whether the "banker" or the "player" will win.
The banker and player are each dealt a minimum of two and a maximum of three cards, and the winner is the player whose total is closest to the last digit of 9.
The cards are counted as follows

  • A to 10: Count as a number (A is 1)
  • J, Q, and K: Count as "10"

Betting on the banker or player is common, but there are other types of bets such as ties (draws), pairs, big and small, etc., depending on the game.
If you want to learn the rules and how to bet, try playing with our free demo play.