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  • Lotte Hotel Seoul
  • Relax in a luxurious room incorporating the latest trends.
  • Korea's first hotel museum, where you can also learn about the history of hotels.

Korea / SeoulKorea / Seoul

Lotte Hotel Seoul

  • Family-friendly
  • Popular with couples
  • Multilingual
  • Easy access

Combining convenience and luxury in the heart of the city.
The most luxurious casino trip in Korea.

"The Lotte Hotel Seoul" is considered the most luxurious business hotel in Korea and is located in the heart of Seoul, convenient for both shopping and sightseeing.
Despite its central location, the hotel itself is quite large with room for 1,120 guests and more than 10 restaurants and bars.

The neighborhood is lined with several department stores, duty-free stores, and specialty stores. Commercial facilities are concentrated in the vicinity of the hotel, making it a very convenient hotel for those who intend to go shopping. It is also recommended for those who want to visit tourist attractions because of its easy access to nearby train stations!

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  • Conrad Macao Cotai Central Hotel
  • Spacious and luxurious rooms and in-room services are attractive!
  • There is a huge shopping mall directly connected to the hotel!

Macao / Taipa IslandMacao / Taipa Island

Conrad Macao Cotai Central Hotel

  • Family-friendly
  • Good service support
  • Multilingual
  • Reasonable price

With a huge shopping area
Hilton's top luxury brand Conrad" hotel"

"Conrad Macao Cotai Central Hotel" is a "Conrad" hotel, the most luxurious brand of "Hilton Hotel Group", one of the most famous hotel brands in the world.
The hotel's Chinese and Himalayan motifs on the exterior and interior are characterized by a stylish design that is a little more subdued than the luxury and opulence typical of Macao.

Rooms are spacious, and even the standard grade rooms are ample in size.
The hotel is also highly reputed for its excellent service, making it a family-friendly hotel recommended for family vacationers.

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  • MGM Macao Hotel
  • Quality rooms with two views. Upper floors are definitely recommended.
  • Beautiful glass-walled Grande Praça square

Macao / Taipa IslandMacao / Taipa Island

MGM Macao Hotel

  • Family-friendly
  • Favorable for couples
  • Marina view
  • 5-star hotel

A 5-star casino hotel by the king of Macao's casinos
Distinctive gold color with a distinct Macao character

"The MGM Macao Hotel" is a five-star casino hotel that attracted attention because it was designed by "Pansy Ho", the daughter of Macao's casino magnate Stanley Ho.
The impressive exterior of the hotel is a glass-walled design with lots of gold, typical of Macao, creating a luxurious and exclusive atmosphere.

The hotel has a vast casino floor, and as the concept suggests, it offers a "Las Vegas-like casino" experience for those who wish to experience the atmosphere of a real casino in a nearby location!
There are about 600 guest rooms, and you can choose between an ocean view overlooking the South China Sea and an urban view overlooking the city of Macao.

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  • Marina Bay Sands Hotel
  • Large windows in all guest rooms with beautiful views
  • Singapore's iconic infinity pool

Singapore / Bayfront AvenueSingapore / Bayfront Avenue

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

  • Easy access
  • Must stay at least once
  • Good service response
  • Marina view

Famous for its ship-shaped observation deck spanning three buildings
One of Asia's leading casino hotels in both name and reality

"The Marina Bay Sands Hotel" is a landmark in Singapore with its innovative design of a ship-shaped observation deck spanning three whole buildings.

The hotel has one of the largest government-licensed casinos in Singapore, and is a must stay if you are going to Singapore as a casino trip.
The Marina Bay Sands Hotel's famous ship-shaped observation deck has a swimming pool reminiscent of a hanging garden, and is easily accessible to hotel guests.

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  • The Venetian Resort Las Vegas
  • Luxury suite-class rooms wherever you choose
  • Gondola Ride' that makes you feel like you are in Italy

United States / Las VegasUnited States / Las Vegas

The Venetian Resort Las Vegas

  • Luxury resort
  • Close to attractions
  • Romantic

Venetian-themed luxury casino hotel
All guest rooms are as luxurious as suite rooms

"The Venetian Resort Las Vegas" is one of the world's leading large scale Las Vegas casino hotels.

The hotel's luxurious design is reminiscent of Venice, Italy, with beautiful canals running through the hotel.
The rooms are all suites, a bold design that makes this casino the first choice for those who want to enjoy an authentic and authentic casino experience in an elegant manner.

The Venetian Resort Las Vegas is a resort hotel with a swimming pool, spa, and "gondola rides" that will take you on an extraordinary Venetian experience.

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Bayfront Avenue

The rooftop pool "Marina Bay Sands" is one fo the newest casino attractions in the world!

Singapore's landmark "Marina Bay Sands," located on Bayfront Avenue, is gaining popularity around the world as a new casino spot.

The casino in the "Marina Bay Sands" hotel is open 24 hours a day on four spacious floors. With no dress code, it makes it the perfect place for a first trip to a casino.
The Marina Bay Sands Hotel is located in the heart of the Bay Area, where you can enjoy beautiful night views, cruises, shows, and other attractions, including "Gardens by the Bay", a vast botanical garden that is open until 2 am.
Guests can swim in the famous "Marina Bay Sands" rooftop infinity pool, a privilege available only to those staying at the hotel. "If you want to swim in that pool!" Why don't you stay at this hotel?

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Taipa Island

Macao's new casino spot with large casinos and entertainment

Macao is the casino powerhouse of Asia. Taipa Island is one of the most popular entertainment spots in Macao, especially due to the building of new casino hotels.

The "Studio City Macao," with its eye-catching figure-eight Ferris wheel, is one of many casino hotels that offer a theme park-like experience. The casino at the "Venetian Macao" is one of the largest in Macao. With approximately 800 table games and 6,000 slots, this large-scale casino can be casually enjoyed.

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Macao Peninsula

The original casino spot in Macao where you can enjoy authentic casinos as well as Macao's culture

While Taipa Island is lined with many relatively new casinos, the Macao Peninsula is the original area for casinos in Macao.
Visitors can enjoy casinos with a retro atmosphere and glittering neon lights reminiscent of Las Vegas.

Also, since Macao is connected to China by land, it is characterized by its many historical buildings.
The "Macao Historic District," a World Heritage Site that retains a strong influence from the Portuguese colonial period, is a recommended spot for those who wish to experience Macao's traditions along with its casinos.

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Seoul has the largest number of casinos in Asia! A city where you can enjoy gourmet food, shopping, and esthetic treatments

Seoul, Korea, a popular city for shopping and esthetic treatments, also offers casinos.
Famous hotels such as the "Lotte Hotel Seoul", located in the center of Seoul, are directly connected to casinos.
The hotel is located right next to the station for easy access, and department stores and duty-free stores can also be found within walking distance.

Recommended Hotels in Seoul

The United States of AmericaThe United States of America

Las Vegas

Just like in the movies! Casino resort for an extraordinary experience

Las Vegas is synonymous with casino cities around the world. It boasts strong popularity as a casino travel destination.

Large casino hotels are concentrated in the relatively new "Strip District," but the classic movie-like "Downtown District" is also a popular tourist spot.

Except for the high-end casinos, there is no dress code, and you can enter without worrying.
At night, the clientele is relatively nicely dressed, so it is perfect for those who want to dress up in smart casual and enjoy the casinos.

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